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over 2 years ago

Thanks for registering! Great to have you


thank you for signing up for the HR Hackathon online!

I'm very happy to welcome you to the event where we will build new HR- and work-related solutions in light of Covid-19.

What's next?

1. Join our Slack Workspace for all HR Hackathon attendees:

Join now

2. Share the event Hashtag on social media:

Here's an idea for Twitter for example - copy and paste it now:

I just registered for #HRHonline, HR Hackathon online, hosted by @eva_zils: Create useful #HRTech in light of #Covid19. Sign up here for the event from Fri, Apr 17th to 19th:

3. Check out the judging criteria and HR Hackathon online Rules here:


  • I will send weekly updates to all registered
  • on Easter Monday, April 13th, I'll open the project pitch ideas phase.
  • I will send a link to a Google Form where you can describe what your project idea is, what skills you bring and what further skills you are looking for.
  • the project idea pitch phase will run until Thursday, April 16th, 3 PM CET.
    • more info on that next week and on Monday, April 13th.

Here's the current state of the event agenda:

  • April 13th, 10.00 AM CET: opening of the project idea pitches phase (will send link to G-Form on April 13th)
  • April 16th, 03.00 OM CET: project idea pitches phase closes
  • April 17th, 05.30 PM CET: kickoff (probably on YouTube, I'll send the link by email and in the Slack announcement channel)
  • April 17th, 06.00 PM CET: I'll provide the link towards the collected project ideas - you choose your project, team building in Slack
  • April 18th, 11.00 AM CET: 1st Check-in
  • April 18th, 05.00 PM CET: 2nd Check-in
  • April 19th, 11.00 AM CET: 3rd Check-in
  • April 18th, 05.00 PM CET: last Check-in before submission period end
  • April 18th, 06.00 PM CET: Digital Party - if I can get hold of a DJ to livestream via YouTube / Facebook - do you know someone who is up for it?
  • April 18th, 11.30 PM CET: submissions must be handed in
  • April 20th, 11.00 AM CET: judging and public voting phase starts
  • April 24th, 05.00 PM CET: judging and public voting phase ends
  • April 27th, 05.00 PM CET: announcement of the winners and awards

The agenda is subject to change or to be modified depending on the number of attendees, projects, submissions and availability of the judges.

Also, I will be working on several different winning categories as soon as I have more visibility on everyone's project ideas and final submissions.

What else should you do before the event kicks off?

  • think about a cool project idea you would like to work on during the HR Hackathon online.
  • as a rule of thumb for project ideas, let your imagination fly: Come up with the craziest thing you'd love to build for HR, employees, freelancers or job seekers in these crazy times.
  • the crazier the idea, the better it will point out the direction in which HR Tech is heading.
  • and you might actually create the next big thing!

The HR Hackathon online is the safe environment to test your idea even if you think it's completely wild.
Try it out!

Get familiar with the submissions requirements and judging criteria.

Have fun, and invite your friends to sign up, too.

See you soon.

Have a great weekend.

Kind regards from Strasbourg, 



If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.