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over 3 years ago

YouTube Links for Live Sessions 17th-19th April (Kick-off, check.ins, Party)


today is the great day!

We're going to kick off the HR Hackathon today at 5.30 PM CEST.

Do join us for all relevant event information and more.

In particular, be at the session if you have submitted a project idea to learn about the instructions for your project and team.

Let's hack Covid-19 so that everyone will be able to lead a great working life during and after the crisis!

Keep this email to access the links below at any moment.

I will send updates via Slack in order to not spam you too much with emails.

If you haven't joined our Slack, do that right now.


Here are the links to the different Live Sessions:

  • April 17th, 05.30 PM CEST: kick-off: join us here
  • April 17th, 06.00 PM CEST: I'll provide the link towards the collected project ideas - you choose your project, team building in Slack
  • April 18th, 11.00 AM CEST: 1st Check-in here -
  • April 18th, 05.00 PM CEST: 2nd Check-in here -
  • April 19th, 11.00 AM CEST: 3rd Check-in here -
  • April 19th, 05.00 PM CEST: last Check-in before submission period end here:
  • April 19th, 06.00 PM CEST: Digital Party here -
  • April 19th, 11.30 PM CEST: submissions must be handed in
  • April 20th, 11.00 AM CEST: judging and public voting phase starts
  • April 24th, 05.00 PM CEST: judging and public voting phase ends
  • April 27th, 05.00 PM CEST: Award Ceremony (link tbc)

I am working on different winning categories and will communicate them in one of the live check-ins and send an update during the event.

I'm very much looking forward to meeting you all online.

Stay safe. Stay at home. Stay healthy.

Kind regards from Strasbourg,

Eva Zils


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.