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over 2 years ago

The official Project Idea List with project IDs, Info Slides for all participants


I hope you enjoyed the kick-off as much as I did.

Now we are getting started on hacking HR and improve work life during and after Covid-19!

Here's the process:

  • Have a look at the project idea list and choose the project/s that interest/s you most.
  • Grab the project ID number and head over to Slack.
  • I have created Slack channels for each project team.
  • Each project channel starts with 1_project-ID.
  • Present yourself and get in touch with the project manager there.
  • Start collaborating and hacking.

Good luck!

Project Idea List:

Here are the projects


Next Check-in:

Next Check-in will start on Saturday, 18th at 11.00 AM CEST.

Link to YouTube Live:


Event Info Slides:

Here's the link to the event slides with all relevant information and links.

Please check it when you have questions. You will most certainly find all the answers you are looking for.

If not, let me know.

Link: Event Slides Participant Info


A big Thank You to our Sponsors and priviledged Event Partners:

See you tomorrow!

Kind regards from Strasbourg, 



If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.