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over 3 years ago

Video Check-in no 1 for today and Updates


great work last night!

Many teams have built and set to work.

If you have submitted a project idea via the Google Form last week, please find your project ID in the spreadsheet here

Head over to Slack and you'll find your team channel starting with 1_projectID.

If you are looking for teammates, check out the new resource I have created here.

Take the time also to check out how you create projects on DevPost and how to modify them before the final submission (Sunday at 11.30 PM CEST).


Next Live Check-in link

Today at 11 AM CEST, I will present the latest event updates and infos. Do join us here:

If your team is looking for specific skills, reply to this email before 10.45 AM CEST and send me what you are looking for by mentioning your team/project ID. I will announce this during the Live Session for you.


See you later.

Kind regards from Strasbourg, 



If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.